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July 19, 2005


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"Sounds like old times" as the song goes. Glad you enjoyed such a wonderful day. Now if only MSM would move on to getting real and face up to the real threats to democracy that face us in the 21st century.

Now there's a name from my Mesozoic childhood. Even with the Red Menace, the Bomb, and walking home alone in the dark after seeing "The Thing", nothing scared me as much as Filene's Basement.

The visit of the India PM is one of the most important event this week. The implication of this visit is far reaching for many years to come.

However, MSM barely touched on the subject. Many on the Left accuse this administration of poor diplomatic skill. But few mention that US-India relation the warmest in history. They do not get that India being the most populous democracy is far more important than France.

Absolutely, Minh-Duc. Thanks so much for your comment. GW's enemies, believing their own narrative about the President's stupidity, never fail to be surprised at how smart he is.

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