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June 30, 2005


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On the surface Bono and Geldof appear to be principled. But what is driving them other than me, me, me?

Nothing. You nailed it...it always gives me great pleasure to remember Frank Sinatra's encounter with Bono when Frank came out with the "Duets" CD...he kept referring to Bono as "Bonzo"...that just about says it all IMO.

As for Geldof...what else does he have going for himself but himself?

I heard a clip of Bono on the radio news this morning... he likes the message the US is sending (I'm so glad for him) but apparently $1 billion pledged by the government is not nearly enough money... Geeze that so makes me want to slap him... I just love how he's so ready to spend our money. I also love how he rather ignores the fact that we have obligations around the world - not just in Africa. If he's so damned ready to spend the cash - why doens't he pony up - after all - that band makes an unbelievable amount of money. I see this so many times with rich celebs...

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