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June 04, 2005


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Time to send the Tories, ie, the liberals back to the Europe they love and from which their ancestors came. When the American Revolution came, some went back to England and others to Canada.

I guess I'll just have to stay here on the Paranoids bench, since I find it unavoidable to think that "a war they don't like" is not the first or only thing they are trying to undermine.

Scoot over Mr Kurtz because I'm staying on the bench as well

Let's say Kerry's right, and he's found proof President Bush falsifyed evidence of WMD. What then? What does he think he'll accomplish? Does he think we'll impeach Bush and put a Democrat in office? All we'll have then is a Democratic president with an even bigger problem in the Middle-East, because this kind of revelation would make the problems worse and cause major harm to America. There's too many Americans who can't see past their own agendas to do what's best for America. Sometimes that means keeping your mouth shut.

What's even funnier is that if Bush were to be impeached, the moonbats would have PRESIDENT CHENEY. hahahahahahahaha!

Seriously, though, they are pathetic in their interpretation of misdeeds with every single thing they read. It just shows how desperate and miserable they are. Professional losers!

Nyah nyah, we won, you lost! Gloat gloat gloat!

They couldn't care less about Iraq; it's all about the "Repukes", nothing more. You know, since we're all fascists/nazis/zionists/theocrats/rednecks/little Eichmanns.

Now I have a headache from rolling my eyes! ;-P

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