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June 27, 2005


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Unfortunately if the"Intellectual Morons" who spout the anti Us, anti Bush, pro let the UN handle the terrorist have their way we can look forward to their stupidity being terminal for Western Civilization.

Man those people make me tired! I just love how they are ALWAYS screeching about lies, lies, and lies... yet they never seem to have anything constructive to say. Like... what they would do that would be better... nothing. I know they won't, but geeze I wish they'd just shut up for a while - they make me want to sent them to their room without supper.

. . . and no TV. :)

And the MSM wonders why their newspaper circulation is down and hardly anyone watches network news and people question their motives on this war..

When did people decide that war is a game of "gotcha"? For heaven's sake..we have real live men and women in Iraq putting their tails on the line so we can hear yet more people scream "Bush lied ! People died !" ?

I am so sick of this.

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