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June 12, 2005


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Thanks for the link to Barry Campbell's site, "Compassionate Use".

It went beyond irony for us that, living in the capitol of California's "Emerald Triangle", my wife had to get the weed from other cancer patients and seeing them in the oncologists office, to realize that not only were they desperately ill, they were felons.

Must research if Eminent Domain is as elastic as the Commerce Clause.

I think that in our democracy there is a continual struggle for power between various groups and that this struggle is reflected in the way three branches of government perform. Currently the Judiciary has assumed more power than it should and it is up to the voters to put pressure on the other to branches to reign in this abuse of power.

Credit where credit's due: that post was actually by my guest-blogger Desert Cat:

http://desertcat.blogspot.com (IIRC)

But I endorse it!

'Have added a link to Desert Cat. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways. :)

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