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June 23, 2005


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It is my belief that there is no possibility of a return to the feel-good age of the late 20th Century. I think we have three choices. First we can accept the dictate of Jihad and become Muslims, second we can submit dociley while we remain secular as they kill us, or third we can understand that our only hope to avoid either of these first two is to help moderate Muslims live in democratic societies. This cannot be done without a strong military presence such as we have shown in Afganistan and Iraq. In addition we must encourage the replacement of dictatorships around the world.

I didn't know what to expect when i read the compelling title. Now, i know what you meant by it. i share your concerns, and can only hope for a brighter sky.

Its astringent thesis is that the Old Continent is on the verge of becoming a dominion of Islam, and that the people of the West have surrendered themselves fecklessly to the "sons of Allah."

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