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June 03, 2005


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It seems to me that to understand the human condition one should try to have an understanding what scientific inquiry has learned and the history of both science and of religious beliefs.

Very sensible, but no one ever accused our species of being sensible.

Not at all disingenuous - given the highly charged temper of the topic, teaching the controversy allows students to make up their own minds: one can reasonably anticipate - for the most part - sensible results.

Actually, while the concept of auxins had been postulated, the first one identifified was abscisic acid. Discovered by Frederick Addicott at the University of California, Davis, in 1963.

AHA! I've always said this, I've just never had it confirmed until today...

Yes, the purpose of science is to find the truth, no matter where it leads. And the truth, as it stands today, is that what science knows is dwarfed by what it doesn't know, and by what it thought it knew, but when it went further and looked some more, found out it didn't know to begin with. What the good scientist calls "unresolved issues".

I agree with Tuck. Until we absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt know the truth (note the setup of an impossible standard-Gosh I sound like a liberal--for shame!) which we never will, we cannot rule anything out, including ID.

Teach it as unsettled point, along with what science has found so far, and the caveat that science, and religion, have both been wrong before.

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