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June 08, 2005


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It ain't no fun to have to accept the leftists who hate all that America has stood for as fellow Americans. Have the Commies won after all?

I thought that they should have rebuilt the twin towers, taller, stronger and armed.

If the lefties succeed, we may have to fly another plane into the miscarriage they create. What's wrong with New York? Why aren't the people there rising up en masse to stop this nonsense?

Just read Kathy Lopez article on why we should make friends again with the French people. They voted against the wishes of the "Liberal Intellecetual Morons" of their country so we should take heart and cheer for the same result hear in America.

In response to Burlingame's editorial in the WSJ, I suggest that they consider creating a memorial cemetery similar to Arlington, honoring those who have given their lives fighting the War on Terror, including surviving firefighters and workers who helped clean up the site and others who have fought to maintain freedom. As the statue of the Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima marks Arlington, a statue of the Fire Fighters and Police at the WTC site would be an excellent, inspirational symbol of what happened there.

I still think we should rebuild the towers as they were -with additional safety features, of course- and an inscription.

Oh, yes, and a memorial marker in honor of everyone that died there.

Yes. Whatever is built, it has to be about those who gave there lives there that day.

It will be a travesty if the left is able to perpetrate this fraud. I was working out of the country when 9/11 happened. I experienced what most Americans did in an outpouring of sympathy. When I returned I went to New York on business and was able to go to the Concert for New York. On the floor that night were 6000 survivors from the events of 9/11. Each time a swell like Susan Sarandon or some other leftist cluck came out - the minute they tried to introduce a political comment - they were booed down.

The focus of this place of honor should be on the people who lost their lives in all of the events of that day, period. If there is need to have a location of rant on leftist issues it should not be here.

Thank you, Sissy.

I was reminded the other night when I saw a film of elderly French men and women in Normandy weeping at their remembrance of what we gave. I wept with them.

Despite the current fashion of Francophobia, these individuals have not forgotten what matters.

Neither should we. Ever.

This is a site that should stand alongside Lidice, Phnom Penh and the Kolyma. But, being American, it should soar, not just to remind us of what we lost, but of what we are.

An appropriate Ground Zero memorial:

The Kaaba -- the black stone of Mecca

I've always thought that the proper "memorial" would be to rebuild the Twin Towers, one story taller than the originals. Of course there should be a plaque, telling the story of 9/11 and listing the names of all who perished that day. There should be one on the open roof of each building, right beside the anti-aircraft station...

Leave it to RADICALS of the LEFT or RIGHT to make this political. Which is exactly what the Take Back the Memorial people DON'T want. You are doing a wonderful job of defying their wishes and making this a politcal pissing contest. You the author and the rest venting poltical hatred are dancing on graves for poltical angle....I hope you all are religious cause you'll recieve on the back end for your calliousness.

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