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June 30, 2005


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Just an aside: Been watching the situation in Africa for about two decades. Out of great hardship come great people: leaders, statesmen, and saints. Americans need to pay strict attention to what happens in Africa in the next few years: Everyone's lives will be touched by African events, some even personally, soon.

Maybe Bush will produce the touchstone that allows America to help ease political and social upheaval there. We must share our blessings with Africa, when and where they allow us, and those blessings will increase and flow in both directions.

Exactly what we are attempting in Iraq. Too bad we boosted Saddam before we booted him. Hope we don't make the same mistake on the dark continent.

It is encouraging and heart warming to know tha there are people in the MSM such as Gerard Baker who search for the truth instead of blindly following a leftist dogma.

It always surprises me when I find that people still trust the media *grin* -- of course Gerard Baker IS the media, so I suppose that mistrusting the press would mean mistrusting himself.

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