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June 24, 2005


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Yay Karl! I would have said "left" rather than "liberal" maybe, but it's about time someone called out the leopard by his spots!

I'll take the Dems seriously again when they live their philosophy: send a Kumbaya Squad of Durbin, Reid and Clinton, no weapons allowed, to Baghdad to dialogue and empathize with the terrorists and to promise to end the "occupation." I'm sure everything will go smashingly well!

Well done Sissy. Moore & Carter side by side in that VIP box at the convention will be hard to forget.

Though I guess A.S. has.

Has Hitlery lost it. Is she paranoid?

That was a beautiful statement that Karl Rove said. In all honestly, I'm pretty sure it mirrors a LOT of American's thoughts about their treatment of the war on terror and on the terrorists themselves. I cannot believe that the support for this war is flagging, as I see support everywhere.

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