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June 30, 2005


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i have a beautiful black male cat for almost 5 years (since he was 4 weeks) he really sweet not the "leave me alone type" sometimes he just will stop whatever he is doing, eating, bathing, etc, and run to the nearest mirror look straight into it and start making these really LOUD cries and he doesn't hear me when i say his name (he always at least gives me an ear lift) then i pick him up and hold him he goes to DEAD sleep in like 5 seconds in my arms. then everything is normal until he gets this weird magnetism to the closest mirror (bathroom, kitchen, wherever, whatever to see) can someone please give me possible interpretations . . . this has been going on about one year now . . .

'Sounds like the old boy is mistaking his own image for an intruder on his territory.

I have a cute orange and brown cat. Its so cute!!!! and smart. I love it so much!!!

See yah!!!

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