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June 04, 2005


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Sorry for the multiples on the trackback pings. For some reason Typepad isn't responding to me when I ping.

Wow - thanks Sissy! I don't rant often, it's not good for the blood pressure... guess I needed to let off a little steam on that one. *grin*

Don't know how the heck I missed putting you on my blogroll. Red face. That's fixed.

Nobody's perfect. Better late than never? Thanks so much. :)

As a wise man said, "United we stand,divided we fall." I hope those nut cake liberals wake up and join the USA.

Thank you for the great links.

Weird, this AM I posted H.J. - 114 Iraq War Resolution, for which Kerry and many of the shriekers voted.

Amazing that Congress found all of these other reasons, many UN inspired, for going to war, that the President never even thought of, being blinded by his WMD obsession.

It still sometimes amazes me how many will walk right by the loose tiger to point at a styrofoam cup left on the ground. And they never lack for culprits to accuse of dropping it.

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