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June 20, 2005


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I've fixed the Goomp/Arthur reference (what was I thinking?) - and I've gotta tell you, the pictures on your site - hell, this post alone - are magnificent.

On the Blogroll with you! On, I say!

Great idea!

Psst. Aren't March 21 and September 21 (or thereabouts) the equinoxes?

Mr. Kurtz: Maybe my post, Winter Solstice, could be of interest.


All the Best,

Martin Lindeskog - American in spirit.
Gothenburg, Sweden.

Tiny is magnificent. When I finally get around to putting together photographs of Sam (the magnificent), my 4 year old Maine coon cat who weighs in at 25 pounds and Tim (the goofy), my 9-month old Blue Point Siamese who (although Sam would NEVER admit it)is the boss of Sam - I'll send them to you. I have never been as entertained as I have been since my first pair of cats back in early 1984. To me, they are the absolute embodiment of love. Nor had I ever laughed as hard as I have since the original odd couple (the late and very lamented Boo and Rocky - litter mates and as different in size and personality as my present 2 characters).

Cats can make you crazy, cats can make you laugh. Cats can assist you through horrible bereavement and serious illness. They are the most magical creatures I have ever known.

And for sheer hilarity - picture my delicious little man Sam in the throes of scaring the LIFE out of my best friend's 85 pound Dalmatian Joseph! Joseph hates other dogs and adores cats. His wussy heart was broken when Sam IMMEDIATELY DECIDED that no D.O.G. was going to enter HIS house. Since Timmy loves Joseph - I now have to take him across the hall to Andrea's for play dates!

Egad! Thanks for noticing, Mr. Kurtz. Correction made, paw washing in progress.

Martin: Thanks for the great link!

Gayle: Can't wait to see pix of your two fun and funny boys.

As always... gorgeous pictures! Especially the sunrise - and I'm not an early morning person at all *grin*

Extraordinary eye-mind coordination in your photos: "Beauty in unexpected places" indeed.

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