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June 10, 2005


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This infuriates me. I have followed your link and posted input with our Governor Pataki.

A copy of my input is blogged at Pat's Pond, and I am linking to the article.

Thanks Sissy.

Sisu. A Finnish name to be proud of, meaning strength and determination. I learned that from my best friend, who once had a cat named Sisu.

I can never forgive the culprits behind 9/11. To go back aways, my husband and I flew to New York to visit our daughter in 2001. The one thing that impressed me the most was how the multitude of religions and nationalities got along with each other, side by side, and respectfully accepted their differences. We saw a Jewish vendor next to an Arabic one. When the Arab rolled out a carpet and said his prayers facing the East, the Jewish vendor stopped selling his wares so the area wouldn't be filled with more commotion. When the prayers were finished, the two men turned towards each other and smiled.

That same sense of understanding prevailed wherever we went. I was thrilled, because this melting pot of New York was an explicit example of what could be accomplished by people everywhere.

That same day, we went through the World Trade Center, then stood on the pier to view the Statue of Liberty. That night our plane to return to Minnesota departed later than scheduled, so we got back about 2 a.m., on Sept. 11. When I arrived at work that morning, around 8 a.m., my boss told me to quickly call my daughter, and he explained about the Towers and the terrorists. She was fine; hadn't been able to leave Queens to get into Manhatten, where she worked. But to this day I feel a sense of loss, not only for the innocent people whose lives were lost or destroyed, but the loss of the idyllic harmony between mankind that New Yorkers proved could be accomplished, because they had been living it. This is what the terrorists destroyed.

Civilization is never secure. We have to be forever vigilant. Thanks for your beautiful essay, Darlene.

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