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June 30, 2005


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Fabulous. Can these images be enlarged?

Thanks so much for the shout-out, Sissy. One word of warning: do NOT download this sucker if you've got a deadline or other pressing work to complete. I had to tear myself away from it last night after fiddling with it for a couple of hours, "visiting" the hotel where Carrie and I honeymooned in Paris, the street market on the Rue Mouffetard, etc. etc.

Goomp: I think so. We'll play with it over the July 4th Weekend Down East. :) Barry: Thank YOU for calling it to my attention. Fun stuff, and as you can see, Goomp can't wait to try it too.

I have been drooling over this since day one. Something about looking down on it all. However: "We do not currently offer a version for MacIntosh." Dirty Pinkos.;-)

Seriously, it's a marvelous tool.

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