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May 17, 2005


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One can only participate or compete in the marketplace with something to sell or trade for something of acceptable value mutually agreed upon. The tragedy of my time has been the destruction of the sense of value or merit. It seems that begging and extortion have replaced trading as the standard for most interactions.

Off topic: Thanks for the comment this morning and thanks for recommending "Drunk & Spite", although I really preferred "Charlotte's Web". Obviously.

Ummm.... just a thought for these people - mind you it comes directly from their "play book"... couldn't we find a better way to spend $50 million? Think of all the starving people, the homeless people, think of the "children"... Oh the humanity! There is so much wrong with the world... and they want to spend all that money to get women into "important" positions at Harvard??? Even the space program had an ultimately better reward at the end - for all the money spent. I fail to see how more female science and math teachers at Harvard will eventually improve the general life of the rest of the country. They should be ashamed of themselves...

**** running off snickering now ****

It's all about power and control. 'Couldn't agree more with you, but that's not Harvard.

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