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May 12, 2005


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A double Instalanche? Why on earth would that make you "happy, happy, happy?"


I do like how they try so very hard to bring "looks" into the equation. As if how a site looks will continually bring people back. *grin*

Now granted, a blog with fonts or a color scheme that is hard on the eyes will certainly deter me... but I honestly don't care if someone wants to blog with the default MT layout or if they want to snaz it up with a style all their own. If the font is readable - then it's the writing that keeps me coming back. Oh and pics of cute kitties don't hurt either ;-)

Congrats on the double-lanch.

Kitties make or break it.

Hell, I'm about to post some pics of my cats. Sure-fire winner here, people.
But excellant writing doesn't hurt.

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