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May 31, 2005


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I am still - after all these years - trying to figure out how anyone can find Bill Clinton "hot". This is something that has puzzled me since he first became a major name in politics... I just don't get it. The attraction that people keep gushing about eludes me - completely.

Although I am thinking nicer thoughts about Tipper Gore after reading this!

I'm totally with you, Teresa. Bubba always left me cold, but as we both know, women, like men, are fools for love. :)

Having met the man in person, he didn't do anything for me. Trust me the man has NO sex appeal at all .. but then I'm a conservative, not a liberal -- maybe that's the problem ??? Hmmm -- personally, anyone that can get the truth out there about Billary and her sex starved husband is okay in my book. If she'd worried more about her husband than her own political career, would we really have had monicagate? Who knows. But these polls are so skewed to the liberal left, they obviously didn't ask me or my friends about it, they will say anything to get Billary in the White House -- and then suffer from there. Sick people do sick things. Getting Billary to run is a sick thing.

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