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May 20, 2005


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Should the views of the left triumph I believe we are witnessing decline and fall of Western Civilization. Hopefully the good judgement of the majority of our people the stong moral character of 19th and 20th century America will prevail. The internet is one important means to help break the decadent philosphies of the leftist liberals.


In reading this, especially the comment "those feckless fellow travelers of the left who are so out of touch with nature and human nature that they are no longer able to recognize the enemy", I was reminded of Sharansky, and how right he is about just this kind of thing. He says the great challenge in fear societies is to confront evil, since there are clear repurcussions for doing so. The great challenge in a free society is to SEE the evil, because we blind ourselves with relativistic shades of gray. Soon the evil looms ready to destroy us, waiting at the gates, and we open them because we have lost the moral clarity to recognize the evil.

The more I read his book, the more I realize what a visionary he is for these times.

There is a stunning speech by Janice Rogers Brown over at http://dagney007.blogspot.com/ that is an excellent companion to Whittle's remarks regarding moral relativism and what they really want.

ps I couldn't leave a comment this AM. Maybe it's broken.

Excellent comments, gentlemen. 'Haven't read Sharansky yet -- it's in my pile -- but have quoted him often in support of these very points. The Janice Rogers Brown speech is totally awesome. Thanks so much for the tip.

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