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May 27, 2005


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An excellent summary. You are right in stating that bloggers can add to the spreading of the true description and advantages of the free exchange of ideas and of enterprise. In the past most of us could speak to a circle of friends and reach a dozen on any given day, the most one could expect. Today hundreds of bloggers reach a few hundred each day, and the Blogging stars reach thousands.

Unfortuately, it is we, the (insert non-collectivist tag here) who slept too long. From the 1820's to the middle of the 20th century most people simply concentrated on working to produce the wealth necessary to keep themselves and society whole and safe. We were also working to maintain the social engineers rooting away at the very basis of a stable, prosperous society.

As Ayn Rand pointed out: it is we who are guilty, not for the reasons promulgated by the collectivists, but for abandoning to them the world of ideas, simply on the assumption that if we were doing the right thing, it would be its own reward.

Now, the upslope is steeper, as we are widely seen to be reacting rather than creating and still dancing to the tune that says philanthropy must be selfless and is therefore "moral".

We have also abandoned the sense of language as an objective tool, as witnessed by the corruption of such terms as "liberal", "progressive" and "diversity", and handing them over to those who are anything but.

Oh yeah, and using "keyboard" as a verb. ;-)

The bloggers got here just in time, Mr. Kurtz. ;)

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