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May 24, 2005


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Yes indeed. I'm sure there were quite a few fingers in action last night and this morning.

And BTW; What ever happened to the President's role as leader of his party?

I don't like the idea that some of the President's nominees were thrown to the wolves, but we did get three of 'em through, and a promise to at least consider stopping this obstructionist behavior in the future.

And the fact that the effort to end filibustering of judicial nominees was so unsuccessful proves that it will be hard for the other side to do so, once the pendulum swings back. (And the pendulum always swings back, whether it takes months or years or decades.)

That said, McCain as a politician has no redeeming features. If this episode has awakened enough people in Arizona to what a fraud this guy is, that'll make me happy.

Even though I titled this morning's post; "Et tu John.", this is much less about the weaseling of McCain, et alia, than it is the apparent decision of what Dr. Rusty Shackleford has felicitously labelled "Vichy Republicans" ("Maybe the crocodile will eat us last") and the Democrats waiting for Clinton.

Miss Atilla is right on the mark in highlighting what I termed the "FDR option" for the Dems after a longed for result in 2008.

(Somewhat) OT: Due to my dorkitude in apparently duplicating comment posts, I have avoided HTML and preview and thus neglected proper credit via links. My apologies to Sissy, Atilla, Rusty and all those deserving of the spotlight.

Now I'm going back to a tool I'm checked out on: the garden hose.

ps. Harry Reid is "disappointed".

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