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May 19, 2005


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Like Darwinians, Libertarians, Conservatives, Liberals or what have you, I am not biased; I am right. So, I'll tell you what happened. Those beguiled by the song of equal results thru state control of our lives infiltrated our educational system and produced a generation lacking in an understanding of the history of how this USA evolved and of the principles which made it the freest society in the world. Inspired by these Socialist ideas many of those in the media preached against the country which had given them their freedom. Thanks to the emergence of the internet and the blogs, a dissemination of conflicting ideas is now becoming wide spread.

The true voice of the people being to speak again.

On reading this I was struck by one big problem... the hypothetical headlines. It occurs to me that while we might see the first headline

"Recession Fears Grow"

I don't believe I've read a single newspaper - ever that would use the second headline

"Turnaround in Sight"

After all, we went through the entire decade of the roaring 90's when each Christmas season had the dark headlines about how bad business was, how projections wouldn't be met... yada yada yada. And now people look back on those as "great years".

Considering how newspapers work... is there any type of "positive" headline you can imagine being displayed in any major newspaper around the country?

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