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May 29, 2005


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Sissy, I love your blog, but the captions you put beneath your photos are illegible, at least on my computer. Maybe I have my fonts set wrong on my system, but your captions (not the body text, which is fine) look tiny and cramped, and poorly-spaced. They're almost impossible to read. Just thought I'd give you some feedback about that.


Tony, while you are looking at the type, go up under View, then Text Size, then move up to a larger type. Presto, no problemo. There is something similar for the Mac Users, maybe under tools, but up along the upper bar. Life is good!

Looks like Kennebunkport to me. If you run into the Bakers from Auburn, Mass., tell them to get a computer so they can visit our sites!

Little Pond

Close, but no cigar, Pat. York Harbor rules!

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