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May 12, 2005


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It is time for the United Nations to join the League of Nations on the trash heap of noble ideas for a world without humans.

Has anybody checked to see if Peggy Kerry, John's sister, is involved with the U.N. Dispatch?? She is a U.N. employee and lives in NYC. I posted a lot of her emails that got directed my way when I ran kerrywaffles.net. Sounds like her handywork to me.

Excellent fisking of "thetanology" over at http://www.theonion.com/news/index.php?issue=4119&n=0&ref=myy. via http://caltechgirlsworld.mu.nu/

And for part of the genesis of the UN's hatred of civilization; the segment on Dag Haamarsjkold in Paul Johnson's "Modern Times..." pulls no punches. I don't know how widely it is read, so I just keep on flogging it.

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