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May 18, 2005


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I'd still choose to be born female, though growing up wanted nothing more than to change my sex. Boys were allowed to do all the 'fun' stuff and I wanted that power in the worst way.

Little did I know back then that women wielded their own unique powers, some feared, some revered and others reviled. -Depending on your mileage-

Nope. Wouldn't change a thing. ;)

Well said, Pam. :)

As girls, we have all sorts of identity issues - but I've never wished I could be a boy.

With age comes acceptance of self and appreciation of my strengths. I didn't like myself in my teens and twenties. In my thirties, I discovered that I was pretty nifty. At this rate, I figure that by my forties I'm going to be darn awesome - beyond that, darn well near invincible. (Can you hear the Helen Reddy playing in the background?)

I do hear a loud roar coming from your general direction. :)

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