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May 03, 2005


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Laura's monologue at the Correspondent's Dinner was scripted and deliberately out-of-demure-character. This is not the kind of thing you'd expect to hear if you were some ordinary visitor sitting down to casual football-and-pretzels.

On the other hand, TeRAYsuh's off-color comments were often made when she wasn't reading from a prepared script, not speaking before a traditionally semi-private function, and were quite often examples of her true character peeking out from the public facade.

Here's the thing about these comments... not only were they spoken in front of an adult crowd - but they were cleverly phrased in such a way that children wouldn't have the least idea what she was talking about.

The double entendre is a device that has been used in humor, since its creation. If it's done well - it's very funny. Laura Bush did an excellent job and it was very funny.

I'm sorry that there are so many people who seem to be having a problem with it. It makes me wonder if they find anything funny at all or if they just never laugh? I love Michelle Malkin, but sometimes I just want her to lighten up a bit. You'd almost think Mrs. Bush had done a strip-tease on the stage instead of some very mildly risque humor.

Laura's 'horse joke' was worse than you think because with some of the reactions to it, I imagine she's still laughing.

Remember, she'd prefaced it with the comment that what would someone who'd gone to school at Andover and Yale know about ranching? Dubya tried to milk a horse . . . yadda.

The best part of the joke is now watching the reaction from some who are trying to turn it into what it wasn't and never was: racy and / or edgy.

The same joke was applied to me good naturedly over twenty year ago by some of the people I'd moved in among, when they introduced me -- the "Yankee" now living in their midst -- to others.

It's an old joke. Very old. That some are trying to turn Laura's 'horse joke' into something it isn't and never was . . . well, dang.

It says more about them than the person who told it.

It is very likely that the vast majority of the folks offended by Lauras jokes were a bunch of homos.

Homo sapiens that is. The rest were some version of monkey.

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