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May 22, 2005


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The Columbia address wasn't the first time that Ms. Nooyi used the the middle finger story. She used the same analogy a few weeks ago when she gave the closing keynote at Yale School of Management's Reunion Weekend (April 30, 2005).

In truth, however, her Yale address was more "fair and balanced" than what I have come to expect at such events, which is why I didn't think much of it at the time, and I hesitate to get too worked up about Ms. Nooyi in particular. I usually prepare myself for outright hostility to America and capitalism, as opposed to gentle needling.

When she made the remark, I remember thinking, "It was a pretty reasonable speech about choice and personal autonomy until now. Did she really have to say throw in the middle finger story?" In a sad way, I thought of this as incremental progress when compared to the usual tripe.

-A beleagured Ivy Leaguer

Okay, fine, I misspelled "beleaguered". So much for the Ivy League education!

- A truly "Beleaguered" Ivy Leaguer

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