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May 26, 2005


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We can be pretty sure that the parent who says they "...know how you feel" is not a vet. I think the proudest moment in my life was hearing my eldest daughter vent her frustration at the USMC for not providing the job opportunities that would have allowed her to go with the Iran hostage rescue mission.

I can't help but think how few 20 year-olds, especially in a combat zone, do behave like that and of what astonishing performance, courage and compassion they display every day.

As you know, I believe that media knows exactly what we think and care about.

You're right about the media, of course. Your daughter sounds awesome. :)

Though I agree that 20 year olds are capable of astonishly poor judgment, there's ample evidence that Lyndie England was an anomaly, not the norm. It sort of rankles me to see her compared to the average young soldier. The Abu Ghraib figure that is more comparable is the one that reported what was going on there - which was a breakdown in command, poor judgment of those way over the age of 20.

Marine Parents need each other.....and Marine Parents United is trying to make that happen at their conference. Please check it out at www.marineparentsunited.com Conference is the last weekend in July at Kansas City, Missouri.

Make peace, not war!

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