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May 06, 2005


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That's just downright frightening.

Meow Cat isn't frightening.

Meow Cat just wants love. Or tuna. Polygonal tuna.

Or something.

Nice job, Sissy.

he's infected you!!!!


I want to make the meow cat, but I can't find the file. Do you still have the file with you? If so, can you please send it to my email address. please please... Thank you very much!

Jeff --

It looks like Namco retired their Katamari Damacy page that had the Meow Cat, and I don't seem to have saved the full-size images.

But a little googling brought up another paper model that might be a good substitute for you: American Shorthair

If you do decide to make it, send me a photo if you like, and I may blog about it. :-)


I've found this page have this cat papercrafts!!

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