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May 25, 2005


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As I posted this morning, the following is the best argument for the "Nuclear Option":

"There's nothing in anything that was done last night that prevents us from filibustering somebody that's extreme, whether it's on the district court, on a circuit court or the Supreme Court," said Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader.

Or the UN.

Extreme? See Cox and Forkum for Wed. 05/25/05.

Species recognition? Perhaps the Democratic leadership simply recognizes the "chillin'" as prey.

I can't find your email, so I apologize for posting here but I'm trying to contact you about an issue of freedom of content of websites on the net.

This probably flies under the radar of most "conservative" sites. Many are anti-porn in any form. But a new regulation is going to make it very hard to host nude images of almost any kind, even perhaps topless or maybe even bikini pics. Please check out my newest blahg entry for a full explanation and links to this issue. I would think libertarians would be against this.


Thank you.

I'd say I'm chilling out... except I wasn't ever that worked up about this whole thing. I think I did one post on the judge nomination thing about 3 or 4 weeks ago. It seems to be Senate business as usual... in other words the "let's see how much press coverage we can get" mentality. Life and our country will roll on - by next year this won't even be a real blip on the radar screen. *grin*

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