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May 28, 2005


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I can't find the reference, but there is a charming story from Konrad Lorenz about the ESP-like senses of animals.

His Alsation, Tito, always knew exactly when Lorenz was taking her for a walk and would eagerly trot to the door and wait expectantly for the leash and her outing. When he was going out without her, she wouldn't stir.

Being the good experimentalist (and no mean observer of animal behaviour) Lorenz embarked on the natural experiment. For several weeks, he regularly began the pre-walk routine - leash, coat and all, but with no intention of taking the dog.

The dog didn't stir. Not once.

My cats always know the difference between my going outside and my leaving the property.

Have a great weekend!

Wow. Fascinating. You have a great weekend, too. :)

My kitty always wants to ride. He gets exicted when he finds out the dog is going somewhere and he always wants to go along with his 50blb best friend. Problem is he gets car sick after about 5 miles. I swear the poor orange kitty turns green and if we don't get him on solid ground fast . . . well, let's just say it's messy. But the next time the "pack" goes for a ride he wants to go again.

I have known cats are psychic since I was
11. I have one that knows when I am sad and jumps into my lap. Her purr heals too.
Nature has its ways with us. We need to listen to her.

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