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May 04, 2005


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As a member of the so-called "Geatest Generation," I have to consider the current academic leadership members of the "Intellectual Moron Generation." Allowing public employees to unionize is a prizewinning form of this stupidity. A union that represents employees who work for a corporation are presenting their views and wants before a group who may point out some failings in the employees' reasoning, and usually a sensible compromise is reached to improve things for both the employees and the company. No such exchange of views exists with public employees. The administation depends on employee votes for their jobs. They need show no profits or even solvency to hold their jobs. Moronic.

Let's face it -- you're not going to get great writers to score the SAT essay questions. I will say, however, that my SAT score would have been higher had I been graded on the quantity of words written.

That first shot of Tiny is wonderful. I love how it's all blurry and sharp at the same time.

Tiny's certainly a bright eyed cat. Beautiful pictures! of course, beautiful cats cause beautiful pictures.

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