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May 23, 2005


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I try to read your blog at least once a day..more if I can manage it..because this blog is a breath of fresh air amidst the insanity bombarding the MSM and the cable news channels...that masquerades as "news" .

I come here to read about Baby & Tiny too..I love the stories about their world and the pictures of both.I have 2 cats, Winston & Bud...

Anyway, thanks for well thought out posts about our current political situation ..which I find intolerable..blogs are now my sole source of information.I had to take shelter from the Michael Jackson,Scott Peterson,Runaway Bride stories...

I'm with Tara. Blogs and the WSJ are where are where I get my news. Yours is concise and to the point as in the above where you show your views by quoting the views of others who have given thought to the pathology of the "Intellectual Morons".

Thank you both. :)

I find that the best insights come from the American people themselves. Right or wrong, good or bad, it gives you a much more realistic perspective of the US.

I heard Keith Thompson earlier today on Rush Limbaugh's show - he actually called in and did a mini-interview which impressed me all the more (as most who claim to be distressed by the lib agenda would rather run back to the fold than exchange hellos with Limbaugh). I will try to remember to get over there tonight and link to it. On reading and listening to him, he sounds like a very thoughtful guy. I give him HUGE kudos for walking away from all the lunacy - it's a difficult thing to do!

As for Mr. Karzai... how much must it gall him to see the American news media basically putting his neck even further on the line! This is a man who has won my admiration - he's got one hell of a job. I just wish our own MSM wasn't actively trying to make his life worse just to make Mr. Bush look bad. *sigh*

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