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April 14, 2005


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Make them eat what they shoot.

I wonder if those who support hunting (feral) cats also support hunting (feral) dogs. I have a feeling that would at least separate the measure's principled supporters with concerns about bird predation and cat spray from the knee-jerk cat haters.

Personally I'd rather see stiffer fines imposed on people who encourage the growth of feral cat populations by feeding them "because they're so cute" - if it's so cute then catch it in a have-a-heart trap and take it to a shelter. Even if they can't find a home for the cat at least euthanasia is painless and administered by vets not some Joe Blow with a 12 gauge and nothing better to do with his time.

I could just see all kinds of sick cretins sneaking around and shooting people's cats that happen to venture outside under cover of this stupid law, if it gets passed ("hyuk, hyuk - sorry, didn't see the collar. Hyuk, hyuk").

Oops, Ms. Althouse is playing a little fast and free with her feline facts: domestic felines have never been human prey -- admittedly, with some exceptions. For the most part, they have been beasts sought for services provided.

Eek! A mouse.

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