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April 30, 2005


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Ummmm, that's just a little freaky!

There are many ways in which a particular site can be physically distant from the IP provider. My site, for example, is located in Jamul, California (outside of San Diego) -- but if you put my IP into Geobytes, you'll get Ithaca, NY. In my case that's because my site is connected via a satellite, and the ISP routes their traffic through a site in NY. The problem is that folks like Geobytes don't *really* know where an IP address is located; they're just making educated guesses based on information provided through registrations, etc.

It's also highly likely that this is a computer that's been taken over by a spambot. It's accessing posts with the intention of dropping lovely bits of spam upon you... but likely blocked by typepad - therefore you don't end up with 1000's of annoying posts to get rid of! I've seen this happen on my site thru Stat Counter - it generally never shows on Sitemeter - don't know why.

Mysteriouser and mysteriouser . . .

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