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April 09, 2005


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There is no question. Sporting events are a substitute for aggression, and a damned good thing. Just look at the civilized progress of sports. Roman gladiators fighting to the death and Christians being mice for lions. Nowadays we have American football and golf and tennis. Who says we are not civilized.

God gave each creature
His role on this earth
The hunter, the hunted:
Each has his worth.

Cats have their nature
The fang and the claw,
Muscle and sinew
That we hold in awe.

You weep for the mouse,
But I'll tell you this:
Don't take from the cat
What's rightfully his.

I hope/assume you have read The Tribe of Tiger: Cats and Their Culture, by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. Your cat is attempting to teach you to hunt. Accept the honor with grace and good humor. Nature intended this end for the careless or slow of the kingdom of mice.

When it comes to teaching me how to hunt, the cats think I'm cute but dumb.

LOL Cute I'll buy, but dumb I doubt! Just having some rhyming fun. To be honest, our cats don't bring us the spoils of the hunt because we can't let them out much - too many coyotes around here. And all the best from Friendly Bob, Cowboy, Smoky, and Miss Kitty.

Cats just rock.

I've never tried super-balls, tho I've spent good money on things I think Miss Tobiko might like. Just by accident I found out she likes ear plugs. I normally have them in quantity because of visits to the range, free plugs, fun for kitty and training for me. Who says the USA ain't great. Hi ho, hi ho it's off to shoot we go...

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