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April 30, 2005


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Your cat is beautiful. I really like the coloration (as well as the long hair). That is a fantastic picture. You have a harness on him instead of just a collar, right? I need to do that with one of my cats. I want to walk him around (cause he's so damn cute) and am afraid he'll get out of just a collar.
How hard was it to get this picture, just wondering, because you would have to have the end of the lead in one hand and the camera in one hand...etc...:)

I tether the two cats outside in the yard (we live on a very busy street) -- usually on a chair or table -- and go back inside while they check things out and run off intruders. 'Have to keep an eye on them for untangling every so often. Harness is best so they don't escape and don't strangle themselves if it gets caught on something. I checked out your site. Nice cats!

Re getting pictures, I just keep my digital camera handy and take lots of shots till I get a few good ones. :)

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