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April 08, 2005


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Why do you have so darn many mice in your house? :)

Good question, Stephen Lalley. Probably because I keep popping them out of the cats' mouths?

Your efforts have been valiant and honorable. Unfortunately, nature does prevail at times. Oh well.

Some people. Nature does prevail, which is the point, and if Baby had gotten that mouse because someone had nailed it to the floor, as "Leo" (funny name in this situation, actually) wished upon you in an unmistakable spirit of retaliation, it would have been very, very sick indeed.

Nice try there, Leo. But the moral equivalence card doesn't play well to this crowd.

I can testify first hand that I never knew people or knew of people who were more caring about all creatures great and small than Sissy and her mother. Showing the true face of nature after the death has occurred is art not sacrilidge.

Nice. The fact that cats kill mice means that George W. Bush is totally awesome! Cuz, you know, Saddam Hussein, was, like, this cat, and Americans, or whoever he was threatening, were like mice. But then G.W. Bush totally transmogrified us all into big awesome cats, and Saddam into a mouse. But, Saddam was still like, a really evil mouse, probably carrying the plague or something and not at all like Stuart Little, so he still had to go.

A rat is a cat is a woman? Ain't modrin edication wonnerful?

They're mice. They exist in the world to be food for Tigers, Hawks, and even cats. Back when my wife and I were first dating, we travelled back to law school via a week in our rustic Adirondack camp. Her cat ("The Kitty") are exactly one meal that week. Otherwise, her belly was too distended with rodentia. Except for the chipmunks, who never did a mean thing to anybody, I thought it was hilarious.

I agree with you, Tigerhawk. From what I learned from education is that the rodentia are about near at the bottom of the food chain. So, it is natural that they are prey to carnivores, especially cats. That's reality.

I think your "cat" ought to get cought by a giant mouse, and get ripped to its blood and guts.

It's sick to just kill for pleasure, im very sure that that "cat" did NOT eat the mouse, AFTER the "cat" killed the mouse.

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