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April 05, 2005


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Sissy, it's likely several days too late... but if you had been able to connect a stat counter entry with the offending comment - you might be able to find out who wrote it or rather have some idea of where it originated.

As for the Peeps people (*grin* that's a pretty cute way to say it...), if the comment didn't come from their system, there is no way for them to know who did write it. It could be someone who just wanted to make trouble and get you all upset (childish baby prank) or someone who wanted to give the Peeps company a bad name - disgruntled employee comes to mind (once again - childish baby prank) or both. The address was yahoo - which is anonymous... which means it should be treated like all anonymous comments - with suspicion of where it might have originated.

Think about it this way... if someone had gone to say... my site and and left an offensive comment - signing your name, but with an anonymous yahoo or hotmail address... then I came to you demanding to know why you are writing these things... there would be no way for you to figure out who did it.

So, unless you get a comment, with a direct company email, it's not traceable by the company at all. It's the wild west aspect of the internet rearing it's ugly head... *sigh*

It's not nice to fool Mother Sissy.

Why does this bring to mind a picture of people throwing salad???... *grin*

Hmmm or is that a different commercial of old... my mind is running on empty tonight - LOL.

Sissy fights back, film at 11:00! ;)

Thanks, Pam. 'Love it! :)

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