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April 07, 2005


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Why do I get the feeling that Boston Mag likes your town because of the percentage of Dems??? LOL. Well, it doesn't matter - congrats on the ranking! Now does Boston Mag have a print version you can buy at the store? Or does it come with the local paper? Just wondering what type of magazine it is. We have (or had - haven't checked lately) a magazine that gave all kinds of info about the Chicago area - I used to love reading that one when it came out (yearly). Having some of that data pulled into one place can make things much easier when figuring out areas that might be appealing to live in.

Boston Mag is a thick, glossy monthly -- prestigious (at least among liberal elites). I sometimes read the cover at the supermarket checkout, but the last time I actually bought a copy was in the Sixties, when they did a full-fledged in-depth cover story about Chelsea written by Rosalind Wright, a novelist friend who lived here and took our city's image under her wing for a couple of years while she was a Radcliffe Institute Fellow.

That noise you hear is the local realtors celebrating.

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