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April 15, 2005


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I never got a MalkinLanche. Congratulations!

Cool, huh?

I guess we can say that the current generation of MSM journalists are not of the "greatest generation"

"...don't know for sure whether it was Reuters or A.P."

It was Reuters. (Story at " http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=43780 ") The same folks who managed to run a report last thursday of two non-existant bus bombings in Israel.

I've never been there, and I've never hunted harp seals, but "shot harp seal cubs" should surely have caught someone's eye. OK, it is not the Globe - or even the Times - which fatuously asserted [paraphrase] "all items must pass scrutiny by four edtors" but surely if I (and many others) found that, well, questionable, someone should have caught it before it went to print. Too mesmerized by the "rivers of blood" [now there's an original phrase] to notice, I suppose.

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