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April 25, 2005


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Thanks for the reference, Sissy! Today is the first day of running my own blog... and I'm thrilled to have you be the first one to reference it.

sisu has always been one of my favorite destinations when the rest of my reading gets my blood pressure going... nothing like cool cat photos to help bring sanity to a goofy world!

The pleasure is all mine, Barry. Welcome to the 'sphere! :)

You know "in our bones that ID is a matter not of scientific inquiry but of faith"?

Really? In your bones? That's quite a standard of evidence with which to dismiss the opposition.

Do you not have any feel for the irony of that statement?

You've got to be RIBBING me, Partisan. My regular readers know that I naturally select my words with the utmost care. Colorful language, finely attuned to the subject at hand, is my stock in trade, and my bones do indeed tell me the folks behind the ID movement are snake-oil salesman trying to pull a fast one.

Hi Sissy,

Sorry, I'm a newbie to the site.

I couldn't tell if the "in my bones" reference was neo-Darwinian fossil codespeak, testible and falsifiable and irrefutable, for the initiates who deplore the state of technical literacy among the masses, or merely irony. :)

Just kidding.

After 30 years of following the debates from a layman's perspective, I'm newly energized and getting drawn back into the topic. I'm reading up on both sides to refresh myself (Dembski on ID, Dawkins on evolution). I'll be writing my take on the issue on Partisan Newsjunkie.

I did enjoy the give and take from both sides on your site here, and will read more regularly. Nice blog.

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