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March 18, 2005


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In academia the Intellectual Morons reign supreme, but it may be that a turn of the tide is in the offing.

I had been wondering... and we'll likely never know whether Jada Pinkett Smith was really sorry or if she was just trying to appease these people. Considering the way most actors think... I'd be willing to bet she really was sorry - which just makes me tired.

I suppose if you have 2 extremely high incomes in a family you can have it all, or at least buy a lot of it--whatever "it" is, but most of us don't and so decisions of what we can have come down to priorites. My wife and I raise 3 girls, and after the second we decided we could not give them the time they deserve and have the memories we want with both of us working. So she quit teaching after 22 years, and our home life and time together is better than it ever has been. But our financial plan for early retirement and the future was blasted. C'est la vie. I wouldn't trade a thousand years of early retirement for 1 minute of time I wouldn't otherwise have had with my girls. They'll be gone soon enough, and we can work and achieve all we want then.

jeda Pinkett Smith is right that you can't have it all.If you want to have a husband with a successful career then you might have to sacrifice his role of devoted husband.The one for the other.

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