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March 30, 2005


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Yes. Marketing also doesn't play the video games they advertise too. Sales would be so much better if they did.

In other words, from now on not a peep out of you...

My beak is sealed.

But you were expected to feel "special"... what went wrong??? *grin*

Telling that they couldn't even manage to forward your email to their own "Recipe and Craft" people.

Dear Sissy,
I think it's unfair and sophomoric that you attack me personally in this public forum. Most people told me not to worry about it, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and besides, who could possibly bother reading this pathetic excuse for a web-blog. I doubt you will take the time to allow me to respond, because it looks like this is solely about your notoriety, and you probably don’t care who you hurt along the way.
I did take the time to look at your recipe and trust me; it's mediocre at best. I mean, you opened a package of PEEPS and put them on a pie. I've seen this and heard of this hundreds of times each and every holiday. Big deal! Please get over yourself.
Best wishes,

It is the tradition,
And not yet reversed,
To post April Fool's jokes
On April the First.

I know that in blogging
You all play for keeps
Some things are worth slogging —
But ladies — for Peeps?

I LOVE it, Jeffrey. Honored for the rantings and ravings of this blog to be your muse of the moment. :)

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