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March 19, 2005


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Yeah, I got a little vehement didn't I. LOL. Still the doc deserved it for a comment like that.

      When I hear these confident pronouncements, I can't help but remember a "Miracle of Life" film I once saw.

      There was the fetus, only weeks, old, with eyespots instead of eyes.  It was being photographed in the womb.  The film makers shined a light on it's face, and it raised its arm, interposing the forearm between the light and its eyespots.  Two or three times the film makers moved the light, and each time the fetus blocked the light with its forearm.

      Conclusion?  'Just a coincidence, the fetus is blind at this stage.'  Horsepuckey!  The fetus was doing what you or I would do if a bright light were shining in our eyes: blocking the glare.

      But let's not let evidence get in the way of theory, especially when we'd have to admit our fallibility.

      The history of medicine is full of egregious errors by confident doctors.  If we're going to kill Terri Schiavo, we should have the decency to do it in a way that's demonstrated non-painful.


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