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March 22, 2005


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That's what I need, a cat on caffeine.

Okay, I feel better. We've always got one cat or another on our counters, especially during food prep. We just toss them down and wash our hands, again and again and again. It's worse when we repackage meat for our day-to-day use. Every Friday. Toss down the cats, wash and disinfect the hands, then try to finish the job before the next onslaught.

Doesn't everyone?

I would assume so. :)

Is there any other way?

Fragmented Fred demonstrates how a dishwasher really works.

Harley sidles up to the dishwasher when I'm distracted in the clean-up-loading phase and licks whatever he can reach before a wooden spoon contacts his backside.

Pat: Try swaddling your counters with aluminum foil...cats hate the way it feels under their feet...it works very well and no one is harmed.

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