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March 01, 2005


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The problem, as I see it from a non-Muslim perspective, is a matter of trust. What you have is a very small group of people (relatively speaking) who are bent on jihad. Since the pattern has been that these jihadists infiltrate themselves into our society, it's the factor of fear and the unknown that drives people to treat the Muslim community differently.

Yes, it's probable that 99% of Muslims you meet in this world have no wish to kill you because you are different, the problem is the 1% who do wish to do this. And it only takes one guy with a bomb strapped to him to put a real kink in your day.

So, until non-Muslims have the perception that the Muslim community itself is working hard and vigorously to push these people out and turn the situation around, the mistrust will remain. And thus they will be treated differently and viewed with suspicion by many. That's just my perception, and it's probable that it's very different from the view others have.

(and now that I think about it... I think I've just restated what you've posted... oh well, since it was so much typing - I'll let it stand as perhaps some slightly different wording - may help Dara in understanding)

Not at all, Teresa. As I was reading your comments, I was thinking to myself, why didn't I think of putting it that way? Thanks! :)

Both you and Teresa make the point that it is a small minority of Muslims who are radical, filled with hate and have no tolerance for those who see things in a light different from theirs. It is the human condition. Think Dean frothing at the mouth about our President. Think me, I have no tolerance for "Intellectual Morons". Granted I am not currently recruiting people to murder them, the wish to eliminate those who will not see what is perceived to be correct is a human failing for many. A free society makes it difficult to pursue jihad but not to comprehend its motives.

Wow! Awesome -- and frightening! -- Goomp. We're going to have to watch you. :)

Goomp, I think the real problem is the way we non-Muslims perceive Muslims to be handling the problem. (or not handling it as the case may be) The lack of strenuous sanctions and denunciation of those who would murder, is the real stumbling block. It's not that they would do the deed themselves, but the leaders of their community make lukewarm statements about how suicide bombers are really bad... yet I don't see the Muslim councils standing up as a whole and throwing these radicals out on their ear. I don't see congregations rallying to demand this of their religious leaders. (there's been more action taken with regard to the Catholic church's sex scandals than we've seen in the Muslim church and radicals!)

Just think of how this would be viewed if it was a sect of the Catholic church or the Evangelical Church. If the sect was not immediately ex-communicated and denounced the wrath of the country would descend on everyone with ties to the church. Why should it be different for Muslims?

OTOH I think Sissy's right.... we'll need to watch you ;-)

For many years, I used to think that Allah is the same as the Christian or Jewish God (Jehova, God Father) but the more I know Islamis I'm more and more convinced that they are NOT the same. No way, Allah in the Coran has some antiques and strange and crazy commandments and opinions that make that figment of the Middle Eastern mind not a God but an invention and a mass of backwards and anti-human behavioral patterns. Sorry for being crude, but that's the way it is.

Teresa: "So, until non-Muslims have the perception that the Muslim community itself is working hard and vigorously to push these people out and turn the situation around, the mistrust will remain."

Bingo! I'd put the number at 10%, not 1%.

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