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March 24, 2005


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Hysteria rules regarding Terri, but I think it is putting her down like a dog or a cat and it is a slippery slope.There's so much misinformation and disinformation out there that it's hard to tell the wheat from the chaff, and those who feel strongly pick and choose from the misinformation to support their view.

Yup! Some of us get a tad hysterical when we see our fellow human beings being starved and dehydrated to death!

Shame on us!!


Given today's meaning of life is determined merely by the function of one's brain, maybe all of us who wish not for Terry to starve to death because her brain is simply damaged beyond repair should do hours of meditation and yoga to lift ourselves into a divine state of being?

That will stop the hysteria and numb everyone to the point of becoming walking and talking brains in shallow souless shells of a body.

I have little to add in the way of commentary to the depressing, disgusting political circus that the Schiavo case has become, except to say this:

If you are of legal age, and you do not have a Living Will/Advance Medical Directive and a durable power of attorney for healthcare, fix that situation immediately.

If I may be so crass as to self-link, I've posted a list of free resources (and one commercial product) that can help with this over at enrevanche.

Not on the Schiavo case, but a comment anyway,
If you have a chance to watch Kudlow's program, I highly recommend it. Interesting, and with substantive information.

I've seen hysteria, but its mostly on the "pull the plug" side. Its the Doom of the Republic type stuff, whereas mostly I think the protector side is more focused on saving one person, and realize that if they are defeated that it is a small uptick in the risk for general bad events to the nation such as death camps. But the pullers, they seem to see Doom right around the corner.


let me preface my post by saying a) I am a lifer across the board (including death penalty) and b) I think that there are issues in the Schaivo case that should be dealt with seperately but are getting rolled together.

First, I think the "culture of life" people are no more hysterical over Terri than they are at any other time, but you are seeing a hullabaloo because it is focused on one woman. I also think a great many people siding on the life side of the issue are concerned that not all medical options are explored here. I am married to someone who deals with chronic illness, exploring all medical options and making quality of life decisions, cuts close to home. I also think a great number of "culture of life" people look at acceptance of infanticide in Europe and link it to euthanasia. This was the thrust of Peggy Noonan's article - if you minimalize life for anyone, how does it effect everyone?

Neal Boortz asked at the end of his Townhall article if Christians were more concerned about her body or her soul; positing that Terri was just wanting release from her earthly confines. Perhaps that is true, I am not God to read Terri's heart and to know the state of her soul, but I do know that God turns the evil in the world for good. I know that out of an extraordinarily crippled body can come amazing revelation, knowledge, and poetry. That by allowing Terri to live, a measure of joy is brought to those that love her.

The second issue - the legality, federalism, and politics I think are secondary in importance to the first. To anyone right or left who devolves this into a purely political debate -let them be heaped with shame.
Government is made to serve the people and while judicial and legislative choices may be debated as good or bad, I think ultimately the branches did thier best to serve people. To have government remain unresponsive to the people would have been more worrisome than anything else.

I am just sad. This could have easily been resolved had Michael turned her over to her parents, the judge either ruling whether or not Michael should or should not have guardianship. The judge should not have ordered the feeding tube pulled.

We may not know of the entire situation, possibly we don't. It just makes me sad that they're so eager to kill a woman with a contentious "she didn't want to live that way." I have noticed that people who are in support of her tube removal, often project themselves onto her about her wishes. The main point is that we will never really know her wishes, due to the amount of contention between her family and her husband. For the people who want to keep her alive, we could possibly accuse them of projecting their wishes onto her, but I would rather not be responsible for ordering a death of a human being. I'd rather err on the side that keeps her alive. To kill without any very good reason or do even do so at all, I think we can agree with it's wrong.

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