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March 27, 2005


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That's strange, because I saw Google's Easter logo a few days ago on a page of results... Why would they remove it ON Easter day itself? Hmmm....

I'm glad someone else noticed that. I got all excited on Sunday morning the split second between the time I typed in google.com in my url bar and the time the page loaded, wondering what cool logo I'd see for Easter, (because I love cool logos, and I love that Google does different ones each holiday) and I was met with plain ol' google logo. Humph. I got more peeved as I sat there, thinking about it; I mean, World Water Day? World feckin' WATER Day? WTF, Chuck? 3/4 of the surface of the earth (small "e" please) is covered with water and we need a feckin' holiday for that?!?

I wouldn't even mind it, if it weren't for the omission of a holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Christ, which a full third of the global population recognizes, if not celebrates. Irony alert: I used google to find that statistic. At least they still crawl religious web pages...

Good grief.

Hi, Willow. Glad to know you're out there keeping your head as those around you are losing theirs. :)

:) Feels more like I'm losing my mind actually. Only three more weeks of school...woohoo!

Give 'em HELL!

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