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March 25, 2005


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As usual with liberals... "freedom of speech" only works when it works for them. Once that first amendment stuff works out of its grasp and allows peons like me to start talking... it becomes the "submedia" and therefore dispensable. Amazing how that works, isn't it.

So the question is whether the Bloggers can make the pols more frightened of not being re-elected if they harm or attack the Bloggers. Rise up ye Bloggers and put the fear of not being re-elected into the pols.

Ain't gonna happen. Blogs are too cheap, easy, prolific, and anonymous to eradicate. They can be killed individually, but so what? Think cockroaches in Back Bay – the place I used to live has gone from an affordable studio apartment to an extravagant luxury condo, and despite three decades of chemical warfare, I'll bet my little roommates are still there.

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